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The Sydney acting school

We are a Sydney based acting school that provides a safe place for actors to develop their skills, discipline and commitment needed for the industry.

With over 20 years experience, 75% Old School is has been set up by highly qualified teachers, with one goal in mind – to nurture and support actors. We facilitate the needs of Sydney actors, from beginner to advanced – specialising in a variety of services including showreels, acting courses, individual actor coaching and self tests.

We have a great team of editors, camera-people, teachers and acting coaches who pursue the art in everything they do.

Acting Classes

From beginner to professional


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Self Tapes/Self Tests

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Why do our acting courses? We respect you as an actor...

When you work with us at 75% Old School, we ourselves are trained as actors, directors and film makers. Upon entering one of our classrooms, or when you stand in front of our cameras, you will be treated as an individual. Our teachers are trained to acknowledge different approaches to learning, not being stuck on one particular “technique”.  You will learn all the aspects of the craft, including the discipline needed to be an actor – in a safe and creatively enriching environment.

You are worth being respected…


Acting School-Sydney
  • Yure offers his students a tangible, accesible pathway...

    His unique teaching stylethat is not riddled with intellectual hurdles and unachievable assignments.

    Alex Oloughlin talk 75% Old School
    Alex Oloughlin
    Hawaii 5-0, Back Up Plan
  • A competitively priced and professional service

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    A competitively priced and professional service
    Robert Gill, Vice President
    Wheel Spain Ltd
  • We would recommend them thoroughly!

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    We would recommend them thoroughly!
    Juli Smith, Manager
    County Road Association