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Self Tapes and Self tests Give yourself the best chance

Self Taping can sometimes be stressful. At 75% Old School we provide a fast and efficient service that ensures you upload the best performance. We have been working with actors and casting agents in Sydney and internationally for over 20 years. Using the latest cameras and professional editing equipment, we have you looking your best and sounding your best. So whether it is for a U.S. casting or Australia, we make it easy as possible for you by shooting it in one of our studios.

Come into one of our studios, and let us take care of the camera.

Self taping studios - Sydney

Fox Studios Sydney

Building 11, Gate D

38 Driver Ave, Moore Park

Sydney, NSW, 2021

Riley St

259 Riley Street

Surry Hills 2010

Sydney, NSW


  • Yure offers his students a tangible, accesible pathway...

    His unique teaching stylethat is not riddled with intellectual hurdles and unachievable assignments.

    Alex Oloughlin talk 75% Old School
    Alex Oloughlin
    Hawaii 5-0, Back Up Plan
  • I can't speak highly enough for what Yure and 75% Old School have done for my confidence...

    Yure’s devotion to the art and our love of it is something that is almost impossible to come by in any other class or teacher.

    Raechelle Banno 75% Old School alumni
    Raechelle Banno
    Home and Away
  • It's rare to have an acting coach who will, of course, challenge you ...

    Yure’s teaching wills you to show yourself in your acting, not copying or replicating anyone; but like all the greats, sharing your humanity and finding what it means to YOU to be alive in that character.

    Joel Jackson - 75% Old School
    Juli Smith, Manager
    County Road Association
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